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Table 2 MR_CHIROD's Component Details

From: fMRI-compatible rehabilitation hand device

Name Material Description
ERF Resistive
Element Electrodes
Aluminum Supply the necessary electric field to activate the ER fluid
ERF Resistive
Element Case and Lid
Nylon Housing of the ERF and electrodes
Power Trans. Shaft Aluminum Output shaft of ERF resistive element;
Coupled to gear system;
Optical Encoder shaft
Handles Garolite Haptic interface for the patient
Gear System Brass Multiplies the ERF resistive torque
Bearing Plastic Aligns the ERF case and gearbox
Plain Bearing Brass Aligns the electrodes;
An electrical contact for the rotating electrode
Transmission Bracket Aluminum Rotates with ERF housing;
Transmits hand force to gearbox
Seals Teflon® Prevents leakage
Screws, nuts, and washers Plastic and Brass, Fastener
Optical Encoder Plastic Renco Low-Profile Encoder with 1024/revolution resolution;
Measures position, which is used to calculate velocity and acceleration
Force Sensors Aluminum FUTEK Load Cells, 10 lb Measures resultant torque of the ERF resistive element