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Table 1 Experimental Protocol

From: Human-robot cooperative movement training: Learning a novel sensory motor transformation during walking with robotic assistance-as-needed

Experiment # of Subjects Protocol
Preliminary 10 100N-100I-100N, I peak was approximately 6% of subject's body weight
A: AAN 10 190N(9CTs)-100I-100N-200I+R(9CTs)-50N, I peak was 6% of subject's body weight
B: AAN with Noise Insensitivity 10 Experiment A with a 6σ based weighted error band
C: AAN with Improper Parameter Selection 4 Experiment A with fR = 0.90
  1. AAN = Assist-as-Needed, CTs = Catch Trials, N = Null Field (no force field applied), I = Upwardly directed Impairment field, R = Downwardly directed compensating Robotic field