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Table 1 ROM of the Robot and the Human wrist

From: Performance adaptive training control strategy for recovering wrist movements in stroke patients: a preliminary, feasibility study

Human joint range of motion [deg] Wrist Device Workspace Capability [deg] Human Isometric Torque [Nm] Wrist Device Continuous torque [Nm]
Supination/Pronation 86/71 80/80 5.2 7.1
Flexion/Extension 73/71 70/70 19.8 12.4
Abduction/Adduction 33/19 35/35 20.8 12.9
  1. comparison between range of motion and joint torque of a human [2426] and the IIT-wrist device; the values of the continuous delivered torque are obtained by a design compromise between backdrivability and power requirements based on anthropometric data.