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Figure 6

From: On the identification of sensory information from mixed nerves by using single-channel cuff electrodes

Figure 6

The influence of overlap between ROW and general improvement of the performance when Majority Vote (MV) rule is used. The case of: A) VF versus rest stimuli (MULTI2 feature), ANN classifier B) Proprioceptive versus rest stimuli (MULTI2 feature set), SVM classifier and C) VF versus Proprioceptive versus rest (MULTI2 features), SVM classifier. For 100 ms ROW, considering 0 ms processing time, the maximal permitted values of points to consider in majority vote (MV) are 5, 7, 9 and 17 for respectively: no overlap, 1/4 overlap, 1/2 overlap, and 3/4 overlap. Results are present in pairs showing median improvement when using MV: No overlap and No overlap with MV 5 applied (MV5); 1/4 ROW overlap (1/4) and 1/4 ROW overlap with MV 7 applied (MV7); 1/2 ROW overlap (1/2) and 1/2 ROW overlap with MV 9 applied (MV9); 3/4 ROW overlap (3/4) and 3/4 ROW overlap with MV 17 applied (MV17).

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