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Table 2 Checklist of Everyday Neglect Behaviors

From: A case study of new assessment and training of unilateral spatial neglect in stroke patients: effect of visual image transformation and visual stimulation by using a head mounted display system (HMD)

Does the patient:
1. Show difficulties when talking or communicating with others?
2. neglect the left/right side of personal space?
3. Show difficulties in eating?
4. Show difficulties in grooming (self-care, washing, bathing, etc.)?
5. Show difficulties in dressing?
6. Show difficulties in body movement transferring (from a bed, to W/C, etc.)?
7. Show difficulties in locomotion 1 (the patient collides against objects and wall on the affected side and/or can not negotiate a W/C between doors, kerbs, etc.)?
8. Show difficulties in locomotion 2 (the patient turns toward the direction of the affected sid
9. Show difficulties during PT exercise?
10. Show difficulties during OT exercise?