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Archived Comments for: A validation study using a modified version of Postural Assessment Scale for Stroke Patients: Postural Stroke Study in Gothenburg (POSTGOT)

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  1. Reassessing standardised outcome measures

    Caoimhe Bennis, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

    30 November 2011

    It is of utmost importance that we reassess the standard in clinical outcome measures. Many of the scales used in the clinical setting are considered by therapists to be outdated, unreliable and time consuming.
    Therefore, many of the findings in standard measures utilised in research are unable to be reproduced in the clinical setting.

    This study looks to assess the reliability of the modified PASS or SwePASS in which clarifications of the manual have been made. The results seem positive but it is important to note other efficacy factors which were discussed such as time to complete test and ways to reduce the floor and ceiling effect.

    As mentioned, it would be important to look further at interrater reliability but this is a good start to the difficult task of updating clinical outcome measures.

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