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Table 3 Controller robustness to feedback error

From: Comparing joint kinematics and center of mass acceleration as feedback for control of standing balance by functional neuromuscular stimulation

Error type Equal performance Error level (RPI = 1) Typical sensor Error level % Degradation in Controller performance at “Typical sensor error level”
Joint Position Noise 1.01 deg 0.05 deg* 4.9
Joint Velocity Noise 6.86 deg/sec 0.05 deg/sec* 0.7
Joint Position Tracking 3.01 deg 2.60 deg* 86
Acceleration Noise 0.09 m/sec2 0.002 m/sec2* 0.6
Acceleration Tracking 0.62 m/sec2 0.27 m/sec2* 35
Accelerometer Placement 37 deg 3.2 deg max** 1.7 deg mean** 1.9 max 0.7 mean
  1. *values reported as typical for inertial sensors used in[23].
  2. **values based on overall mean and average maximum observed during stabilization period for computer simulations of perturbed FNS standing.