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Table 1 Statistical analysis on both the integral of relative velocity (R v ) and the weighted position error (e x ) for the three experiments

From: Effect of task-related continuous auditory feedback during learning of tracking motion exercises

Exp. Metric Test Comparisons Statistical results
Exp. 1 R v ANOVA Fdbk Traj F(2,38)=0.485 p=0.540 η p 2 =0.025
Traj F(1,19)=44.095 p<0.0001 η p 2 =0.699
Fdbk F(2,38)=0.173 p=0.734 η p 2 =0.009
e x ANOVA Fdbk Traj F(2,38)=0.315 p=0.661 η p 2 =0.016
Traj F(1,19)=0.635 p=0.435 η p 2 =0.032
Fdbk F(2,38)=11.207 p<0.0001 η p 2 =0.371
Bonferroni NF-TR   p=0.001  
NF-ER   p=1.000  
TR-ER   p=0.001  
Exp. 2 R v ANOVA Fdbk F(6,90)=7.558 p<0.0001 η p 2 =0.335
Bonferroni A-B   p<0.001  
B-E   p<0.01  
C-F   p<0.001  
D-G   p<0.05  
A-F   p>0.05  
e x ANOVA Fdbk F(6,90)=24.070 p<0.0001 η p 2 =0.616
Bonferroni A-B   p<0.001  
A-C   p<0.001  
A-D   p<0.001  
B-E   p<0.001  
C-F   p<0.001  
D-G   p<0.001  
A-F   p>0.05  
Exp. 3 R v ANOVA Fdbk F(3,37)=1.926 p=0.142 η p 2 =0.135
  e x ANOVA Fdbk F(3,37)=10.100 p<0.0001 η p 2 =0.450
   Bonferroni ER-NF   p<0.05  
    ER-TR-V   p<0.001  
    ER-TR-J   p<0.01  
    NF-TR-V   p<0.05  
    NF-TR-j   p>0.05  
  1. The factors investigated in these experiments are either the feedback modality (Fdbk) or the trajectory profile (Traj).