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Table 1 A comparison of the IOPI, KSW& MOST tools for oro-lingual pressure measurement

From: OroPress a new wireless tool for measuring oro-lingual pressures: a pilot study in healthy adults

Item a *KSW tongue array b IOPI c MOST
Visualisation of signal Excellent Good Good
Quantitative data Yes (optional) Yes Yes
Swallow Environment Lab only Clinic/Lab Clinic/Lab
Sensor Array 3 air filled sensors (hand-held & fixed position versions) 1 liquid filled sensor (hand-held) Custom-fit mouthpiece with four sensors
Ease of use Needs skilled user Easy to use Reported to be easy to use
Data Integrity Good-With fixed sensors Poor–movement artefacts Good
Intrusiveness Intrusive-gag risk Intrusive and fragile Intrusive and effect normal swallow
Patient usage Fixed position Hand held device Fixed position
Pressure Data Swallowing, isotonic Isotonic only Swallowing, isotonic
(a) Hardware (a) d **€80-90k (a) ** €4k (a) Not available
(b) Probes (b) **€40/single use (b) ** €10/single use (b) Not available
  1. a * KSW: Kay Swallowing Workstation.
  2. b IOPI: Iowa Oral Performance Instrument.
  3. c MOST: Madison Oral Strengthening Therapeutic device.
  4. d ** €: Euro.