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Table 3 Pearson correlation coefficients (R2) between dexterity component scores

From: A novel method for the quantification of key components of manual dexterity after stroke

  Finger force tracking Single finger tapping Multi-finger tapping
Total error RD 1-slope (1–3Hz) OF 1 Hz Omission rate UEFT 1F
Finger force tracking Total error       
RD 0.38      
Single finger tapping 1-slope (1–3 Hz) 0.28 0.19     
OF 1 Hz 0.10 0.11 0.27    
Multi-finger tapping Omission rate 0.49 0.14 0.47 0.04   
UEFT 1F 0.21 0.24 0.55 0.27 0.47  
  1. Total error: finger force tracking error; RD: release duration; OF 1 Hz: number of overflow taps in 1Hz condition; UEFT 1F: number of unwanted extra-finger-taps during one-finger conditions. Italic correlation coefficients: significant at p < 0.05