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Table 3 Task Behaviours. Behaviours are described in detail and given a summary code. Codes with ‘G’ are general behaviours observable in all tasks

From: Powered wheelchair simulator development: implementing combined navigation-reaching tasks with a 3D hand motion controller

Code Driving Behaviour Code Reaching Behaviour
DG1 Fluid drive-to-park: participants completed navigation without pausing RG1 Start reaching before park: participants began reaching before their PW completely stopped
DG2 Parking Position: 2–4 positions depending on context RG2 L/R hand: which hand was used to reach the target
DG3 Collision: any contact of the wheelchair with an obstacle RG3 Adjust parking close for reach: misjudged reaching distance, i.e. reaching error
DEl1 Turn first/reverse first: how participants began navigating to the first button RDe1 Pickup order: the object was picked up before, after, or at the same time as opening the drawer
DEl2 Waiting for door: participants waited for the door without repositioning their PW RDe2 Heavy leaning: participants needed clearly uncomfortable trunk compensation to reach target
DEl3 Forward/reverse in: entering the elevator RDe3 Close drawer hand: participants closed the drawer with either the same or opposite hand that placed the object inside the drawer
DEl4 Horizontal Adjust: a characteristic ‘S’ manoeuvre sideways RDo1 Fluid turn + push: the door was opened in a single, non-segmented movement
DDo1 Advance straight: participants drove in a straight line to the door RDo2 Hand still raised: while driving through the doorway
  1. Letter Codes: Driving (D), Reaching (R), General (G), Elevator (El), Desk (De), Door (Do)