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Table 1 Lower limb functions and ICF

From: Robot-aided assessment of lower extremity functions: a review

  Body functions
Sections of the review Range of motion Muscle strength Proprioception Joint torque coupling/synergies Joint impedance Walking function/Gait pattern
ICF chapters b710 b730 b260 b760 b735, b7500, b7650 b770, d450
Mobility of joint functions Muscle power functions Proprioceptive functions Control of voluntary movement functions Muscle tone functions, Stretch motor reflex, Involuntary contractions of muscles Gait pattern functions, walking
  1. The sections of the current review in the framework of the ICF. The ICF lists a broad range of health-related components under the categories of Body function (b), Body structures (s), Activities and Participation (d), Environmental factors (e). In each category it is possible to find a complete list of health-related components divided in chapters [211]