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Fig. 15 | Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation

Fig. 15

From: How a diverse research ecosystem has generated new rehabilitation technologies: Review of NIDILRR’s Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers

Fig. 15

The RERC to Optimize Participation through Technology developed a) the FAAST open-source middleware framework to allow interface between markerless tracking technology and freely available games and Internet applications, b) a suite of VR-based rehabilitation games, including games for balance training and, c) shoulder exercises and the infrastructure to allow quantification and examination of the biomechanical variables during VR-based exercise game play. d) Using real-time monitoring of muscle activity, kinetics and kinematics of car transfers in those with spinal cord injury, we identified that e) placing the right hand on the steering wheel during the body lift portion of the transfer was associated with greater risk of developing shoulder pain than placing the hand on the driver’s seat. f) Routine placement of the wheelchair in the back seat was associated with reduced strength in the internal rotators of the right arm suggesting a stretch-induced injury.

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