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Table 2 USN descriptive variables

From: Post-stroke unilateral spatial neglect: virtual reality-based navigation and detection tasks reveal lateralized and non-lateralized deficits in tasks of varying perceptual and cognitive demands

  1. USN Unilateral spatial neglect, USN+ Participants with post-stroke USN, USN- Participants without post-stroke USN, NA Not applicable, LBT Line bisection test, SCT Star Cancellation Test, AP Apples Test, minutes (min); Hx History of USN, SD Standard deviation, Numbers in bold correspond to values above or below (where applicable) cut-off values
  2. *, **, *** p-value < 0.05, 0.01, 0.001, respectively between USN+ and USN- group; USN severity is delineated by shades ranging from light (those with history of USN) to dark grey (those with severe USN)