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Table 3 Etiological Diagnoses across Matched Pairs (2011–2014)

From: Economic value of orthotic and prosthetic services among medicare beneficiaries: a claims-based retrospective cohort study, 2011–2014

Etiological diagnosis Percent of matched pairs with diagnosis
Lower extremity orthoses
 Other connective tissue disease 32.4%
 Spondylosis; intervertebral disc disorders; other back problems 17.9%
 Other nervous system disorders 16.7%
 Osteoarthritis 11.3%
 Acute cerebrovascular disease 5.6%
 Acquired foot deformities 3.8%
 Fracture of lower limb 2.1%
 Sprains and strains 2.1%
 Multiple sclerosis 1.8%
 Joint disorders and dislocations; trauma-related 1.5%
Spinal orthoses
 Spondylosis; intervertebral disc disorders; other back problems 40.1%
 Other connective tissue disease 25.7%
 Other nervous system disorders 15.6%
 Osteoarthritis 7.7%
 Other bone disease and musculoskeletal deformities 6.1%
 Sprains and strains 2.0%
 Other fractures 1.2%
 Joint disorders and dislocations; trauma-related 0.7%
 Other acquired deformities 0.4%
 Other congenital anomalies 0.3%
Lower extremity prostheses
 Diabetes mellitus with complications 30.6%
 Chronic ulcer of skin 18.0%
 Peripheral and visceral atherosclerosis 17.8%
 Other non-traumatic joint disorders 8.5%
 Skin and subcutaneous tissue infections 7.9%
 Other circulatory disease 4.9%
 Complication of device; implant or graft 3.8%
 Complications of surgical procedures or medical care 2.8%
 Open wounds of extremities 2.7%
Infective arthritis and osteomyelitis 2.1%
  1. Source: Dobson | DaVanzo analysis of custom cohort Standard Analytic Files (2011–2014) for Medicare beneficiaries who received O&P services from January 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013 (and matched comparisons), according to custom cohort database definition