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Fig. 3

From: Muscle synergies demonstrate only minimal changes after treatment in cerebral palsy

Fig. 3

Effect size and adjusted response plots of significant regressors for post-treatment GDI and walking speed identified from stepwise regression. The estimated effect sizes and 95% confidence interval show which regressors are present in each model. Adjusted response plots show the relation between each outcome measure (post-treatment GDI or non-dimensional walking speed) and each predictor after removing the effect of the other predictors. Synergy activations that became closer to the TD archetypes were associated with better kinematics and faster walking speeds post-treatment. BTA Botulinum Toxin Injection Type-A, GDI Gait Deviation Index, SDR Selective Dorsal Rhysotomy, SEMLS Single Event Multi-Level Surgery, TD Typically Developing

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