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Table 2 Strategies identified to implement in-home tES

From: Strategies to implement and monitor in-home transcranial electrical stimulation in neurological and psychiatric patient populations: a systematic review

Study Strategies to implement in-home tES
Training session Caregiver training Customised headband Remote computer access (stimulator set-up) Home visit Stimulation delivered by research team
Kasschau 2016  
Riggs 2018  
Dobbs 2018   
Sharma 2018   
Van de Winckel 2018   
Charvet 2017a   
Charvet 2017b ?   
Carvalho 2018     
Hagenacker 2014     
Cha 2016      
Hyvarinen 2016      
Schwippel 2017      
Treister 2015      
Loo 2017      
Mortenson 2016      
Martens 2018       
Andrade 2013       
Andre 2016       
Clayton 2018       
  1. Note; Andrade 2013, Andre 2016 and Clayton 2018 did not report any strategy to implement in-home tES
  2. ; Reported as a strategy to implement in-home tES
  3. ?; Charvet 2017b reported each participant was provided a laptop that enabled connection to a study technician. It is not stated whether this included remote computer access