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Fig. 2

From: Walking to your right music: a randomized controlled trial on the novel use of treadmill plus music in Parkinson’s disease

Fig. 2

Average post vs. pre changes in ERSs/ERDs and their scalp projections relatively to the full gait cycle in the two groups (RAS and non_RAS gait training). We found a significant strengthening of the central α/β-ERD during single support in the stance phase, of the low frontal β-ERD during the single support in the swing phase, and of the fronto-central α/β-ERS during the double support in the stance phase of the gait cycle. All such changes were more evident following RAS compared to non_RAS training. Average post vs. pre changes in alpha and beta ERD/ERS color maps are coded in blue and red tones, respectively. Electrodes were grouped into frontal F -Fp1/2,F3/4/7/8, centroparietal -C3/4,P3/4-, temporal T -T3/4/5/6, and occipital O -O1/2-

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