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Fig. 2

From: Long-term outcomes of semi-implantable functional electrical stimulation for central drop foot

Fig. 2

Impact on quality of life over time evaluated using the SF-36 questionnaire. a. Mean SF-36 scores. The mean total scores are highlighted with a black box. P = physical health; E = emotional health; HC = health change. b. Scores for physical health categories: P1 = physical functioning; P2 = role limitations due to physical health; P3 = pain; P4 = general health. c. Scores for emotional health categories: E1 = emotional well-being; E2 = role limitation due to emotional problems; E3 = social functioning; E4 = energy/fatigue. Error bars = standard error of the mean. Main effect of time in all sub-categories except E1. * = significant on post hoc testing

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