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Fig. 2

From: Need for mechanically and ergonomically enhanced tremor-suppression orthoses for the upper limb: a systematic review

Fig. 2

Prototype (a-c) and concept (d, e) orthoses. a #4 WOTAS –active attenuator with electrical motor [54]; b #8 Pneumatic Actuator –active attenuator with pneumatic piston-coil system [64]; c #12 DVB Orthosis –semi-active attenuator using tuneable viscous shear resistance [73]; d #21 Soft band Orthosis –semi-active attenuator using viscoelastic tendons [82]; e #17 Piezoelectric Fibre Glove – active attenuator with piezoelectric fibre composites [78]. Reproduced with permission from the right holders a, c, d: IEEE; b: Dr. Behzad Taheri, e: Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics

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