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Fig. 3

From: Robot-assisted gait training for balance and lower extremity function in patients with infratentorial stroke: a single-blinded randomized controlled trial

Fig. 3

Left: COP-based variables during FSEO, FSEC, FTEO, and FTEC in the RAGT+CPT and CPT+CPT groups. Right: Four weeks COP-based variables change from baseline during FSEO, FSEC, FTEO, and FTEC. (A) COP VelML, (B) COP VelAP, and (C) COP area. The error bars mean standard errors. COP: center of pressure; CPT: conventional physical therapy; FSEC: feet separated, eyes closed; FSEO: feet separated, eyes open; FTEC: feet together, eyes closed; FTEO: feet together, eyes open; RAGT: robot-assisted gait training; VelAP: velocity in the anteroposterior direction; VelML: velocity in the mediolateral direction

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