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Table 2 Demographic summary of subjects, group 1 gathers 8 drivers (D1 to D8) assessed in a lab environment and group 2 gathers 5 drivers (D9 to D13) recruited in a rehabilitation center and are assessed on their own EPW. The drivers are either novices, or experts or novices with Cognitive Impairment (CI)

From: SenseJoy, a pluggable solution for assessing user behavior during powered wheelchair driving tasks

GroupsSubjectsGenderAgeEPW modelDiagnosisLevel
 D1F29Invacare Mistral-Novice
 D2M43 Left hemiplegiaNovice
 D3M29 -Novice
Group 1D4F23 -Novice
(analyses 1D5F26 Cerebral palsyExpert
& 2)D6M48 -Novice
 D7M33 -Novice
 D8M31 -Novice
 D9F53Invacare DragonRight hemiplegiaNovice with CI
Group 2D10F44Invacare MistralStrokeNovice with CI
(analysis 2)D11M46Icare PartnerTetraplegic with cogn. dis.Expert
 D12M39Invacare DragonTetraplegicExpert
 D13M25Levo C3TetraplegicExpert