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Table 2 Number of eligible physicians, valid emails collected and survey response rates by specialty and overall

From: Clinician awareness of brain computer interfaces: a Canadian national survey

 EligibleValid EmailsNumber of Complete Responses (% of the study sample)Analyzable Response Rate (%)
Adult Neurologists1171*664*68 (49.6%)16.1*
Pediatric Neurologists39 (28.5%)
Physiatrists53725323 (16.8%)9.1
Developmental Pediatricians (DP) and Pediatricians (P)5 (4 DP, 1 P)5 (4DP, 1 P)7 (4 DP, 3 P) (5.1%)100
  1. Legend: *Note that adult and pediatric neurologists are grouped together in the “Eligible,” “Valid Emails” and “Analyzable Response Rate” sections because neurologists were able to self-identify as adult or pediatric specialists.