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Table 1 Participant Information. The prosthetic component weights listed correspond to the knee component only and do not include the weight of the socket or pylon. TFA corresponds to transfemoral amputation, and KD corresponds to knee disarticulation

From: Effects of extended stance time on a powered knee prosthesis and gait symmetry on the lateral control of balance during walking in individuals with unilateral amputation

Height1.8 m1.8 m1.7 m1.8 m1.7 m1.7 m
Body weight69 kg94 kg61 kg69 kg49 kg67 kg
Age24 years59 years27 years19 years52 years64 years
Time since amputation7 years47 years4 years19 years27 years17 years
Reason for amputationCancerCancerTraumaCongenitalTraumaTrauma
Side of amputationRight TFALeft TFARight KDLeft TFARight TFALeft TFA
Prescribed knee componentGenium (Ottobock, 1.7 kg)Genium (Ottobock, 1.7 kg)Plie 3 (Freedom Innovations, 1.2 kg)Rheo Knee (Össur, 1.6 kg)Power Knee (Össur, 3.2 kg)C-Leg (Ottobock, 1.2 kg)
Prescribed ankle component1C64 Triton Heavy Duty (Ottobock)1E56 Axtion (Ottobock)A low-profile high-performance footHigh-profile foot (Prosthetics Orthotics and Associates)ProFlex (Össur)ProFlex LP (Össur)
Prosthetic ankle component used with the powered knee componentProFlex XC (Össur)ProFlex XC (Össur)A low-profile high-performance foot (due to long residual limb)ProFlex XC (Össur)ProFlex (Össur)ProFlex XC (Össur)
Self-selected walking speed0.8 m/s0.8 m/s0.7 m/s0.7 m/s0.5 m/s0.9 m/s
Residual limb length0.35 m0.25 mLong (KD)0.39 mNot available0.39 m