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Table 4 Comparison of final assistance levels for MT and AT

From: Automatic versus manual tuning of robot-assisted gait training in people with neurological disorders

 Separate tuning (MT)No separate tuning (MT)
More impaired leg12/60 cases48/60 cases
MT >AT assist.11/1233/48
MT=AT assist.1/121/48
MT <AT assist.0/1213/48
Less impaired leg2/60 cases58/60 cases
MT >AT assist.1/ 234/58
MT=AT assist.0/ 27/58
MT <AT assist.1/ 217/58
Pelvis6/10 cases4/10 cases
MT >AT assist.6/ 63/ 4
MT=AT assist.0/ 60/ 4
MT <AT assist.0/ 61/ 4
  1. Cases means subtasks for all participants (e.g. for the more impaired leg: 6 subtasks times 10 participants results in 60 cases). The cases are split up into cases that were tuned separately by the therapist in MTconst and cases that were not separately tuned