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Table 1 TG paper-and-pencil tasks correspondence with Reh@City v2.0 VR tasks

From: A comparison of two personalization and adaptive cognitive rehabilitation approaches: a randomized controlled trial with chronic stroke patients

Task Generator

Reh@City v2.0

Cancellation - Find a target stimulus in a pool of distractors.

Buy/collect items at the supermarket, pharmacy, and post-office.

Numeric Sequences - A numeric sequence is given and the subject has to come up with the missing numbers.

Find bank code.

Problem Resolution - Two types of problems are presented, numeric calculations or calculations based on textual descriptions of daily activities.

Choose the correct supermarket invoice.

Association - A number of randomized pairs of items need to be paired correctly.

Cards game at the park.

Comprehension of Contexts - Some images are given with a number of descriptions. Correct descriptions need to be identified.

Not applicable.

Image Pairs - A number of pairs of images to be memorized is presented and have to be recalled after 30 min.

Cards game at the park.

Word Search - A number of words can be found up, down, forward, or diagonally in a pool of randomized letters.

Not applicable.

Mazes - Finding the way out of a labyrinth.

Find the best route to the next destination in the virtual city.

Categorization - Grouping items into their underlying categories. The categories have to be guessed from the items.

Select a category of items in the clothing shop.

Action Sequencing - A list of randomized steps needed for the execution of several activities of daily living is presented.

Organize the steps for an action in the home kitchen, living room or bathroom.

Memory of Stories - Recalling information about a read story or a picture by answering questions about it.

Memorizing verbal information from a newspaper at the kiosk for a later “true or false” recall.