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Table 1 Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria

From: Exoskeleton use in post-stroke gait rehabilitation: a qualitative study of the perspectives of persons post-stroke and physiotherapists

Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
Adults aged between 30 and 75 years Previous history of neurologic disease such as Parkinson’s disease, pontine and/or cerebellar lesions, peripheral neuropathies
Adult-onset of a 1st cerebrovascular accident (CVA) with resulting hemiparesis Botox injection to the lower limb musculature within the last 12 weeks
>  12 weeks < 2 years post neurological injury Receptive Aphasia
Able to maintain standing for at least 60 s on the less affected lower limb, and within their stability limits, perform a reaching activity with the less affected upper limb Orthopedic lower extremity pathology or rheumatoid conditions which affects the ability to sit, stand or walk including hip, knee, ankle contractures
Able to walk for 6 min with or without assistance of 1 person Auditory or visual deficits that could prevent data collection
Capacity to independently consent Cardiovascular conditions incompatible with intensive gait training
Able to understand instructions in English