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Table 2 Overview of assistance and evaluated variables for different subtasks

From: Effects of selectively assisting impaired subtasks of walking in chronic stroke survivors

  1. Reference (black dotted lines) and example measured data (orange lines) positions and joint angles (\(\hbox {P}_{\mathrm{ref}}\), \(\hbox {P}_{\mathrm{ref}}\), \(\uptheta _{\mathrm{ref}}\), \(\uptheta _{\mathrm{ref}}\)), assistance profiles (K) and evaluation points (e.g. \(\hbox {P}_{\mathrm{ref,e1}}\)) that were used to calculate the error are shown. Each figure shows one gait cycle starting with left heel strike at 0%. Weight shift to the right side, abduction and flexion angles are defined positive. The subtasks that were assisted in this study are shown with a grey background