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Table 2 Coding process

From: It’s not about the capture, it’s about what we can learn”: a qualitative study of experts’ opinions and experiences regarding the use of wearable sensors to measure gait and physical activity

Step 1 Rater 1 read all de-identified texts twice (AK)
Familiarisation Notes taken to manually develop an initial coding book
  Draft 1 developed by Rater 1 (AK)
Step 2
Coding book development
Draft 1 of coding book, plus a single, de-identified text, sent to Rater 2 (KT)
Coding book refined by AK and KT
Draft 2 of coding book sent to Rater 3 (BV)
  Another de-identified text emailed to all coders
All raters manually coded this text with Draft 2
  Online meeting held between raters to refine coding book through discussion
  Final version of coding book confirmed
Step 3
Final coding process
Final version of coding book, plus remaining de-identified texts emailed to all raters
Final version of coding book used to manually code all texts (Additional file 2)
Rater 1 (AK) coded all texts (n = 20)
Raters 2 and 3 (KT and BV) coded four additional texts each (n = 8)