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Table 3 The association parameters \(\beta\) of the optimal variable set for estimating FM-UE scores and FM-UE change (\(\Delta {\text {FM-UE}}\)), Spheroids protocol

From: Estimating upper-extremity function from kinematics in stroke patients following goal-oriented computer-based training

Covariate \(\beta ({\text {FM-UE}})\) \(\beta (\Delta {\text {FM-UE}})\)
Difficulty 0.186(0.051) 0.194(0.062)
TGDM 0.049(0.087) 0.184(0.090)
Diff. Distance covered 0.027(0.044) − 0.220(0.080)
Diff. TGDM − 0.197(0.057) − 0.043(0.070)
Log. work area 0.073(0.059) − 0.108(0.064)
Log. smoothness 0.086(0.079) − 0.070(0.078)
  1. Note that for FM-UE change the value of a variable refers to the difference between the two sessions. The values listed here refer to the normalised variables, so that the values of the different \(\beta\)s are directly comparable. Estimated standard deviations in parentheses