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Table 2 Virtual coach actions related to state transitions and also permanence in the same state

From: A low-cost virtual coach for 2D video-based compensation assessment of upper extremity rehabilitation exercises

State transition no. Rules Actions
1 \(State_{prev} = o\)  \(State = o\) \(Time>th_{pos}\) Patient not well-positioned: VC suggests body repositioning; position rectangle in red color.
2 \(State_{prev} = \mathcal {S}/\{o,e,tg\}\)  \(State = o\) Patient moves away from correct position: VC suggests body re-positioning; position rectangle in red color.
3 \(State_{prev} = o\)  \(State = i\) Patient well-positioned: position rectangle in green color; VC gives exercise directions.
4 \(State_{prev} = i\)  \(State = e\) Exercise beginning: VC displays target position marker (green).
5 \(State_{prev} = \mathcal {S}/\{o,i,tg\}\)  \(State = e\) Patients stops moving: VC proposes movement repetition.
6 \(State_{prev} = e\)  \(State = n\) The VC starts evaluating patient’s performance and asks one to reach the target position.
7 \(State_{prev} = \{tr,se,td,n\}\)  \(State = \{tr,se,td,n\}\) \(Time>th_{tg}\) Patient takes too much time reaching the target position: VC encourages patient to reach the target.
8 \(State_{prev} = \{tr,se,td,n\}\)  \(state = tg\) Patient reaches the target: VC praises the patient; target position marker in blue color.
9 \(State_{prev} = \{tr,se,td,n\}\)  \(State = tr\) Patient describes trunk rotation: VC suggests posture correction; it displays trunk compensation marker (red).
10 \(State_{prev} = \{tr,se,td,n\}\)  \(State = se\) Patient describes shoulder elevation: VC suggests correction; VC displays shoulder compensation marker (red).
11 \(State_{prev} = \{tr,se,td,n\}\)  \(State = td\) Patient describes displaces the torso: VC suggests posture correction; VC displays trunk compensation marker (red).